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About the Blog

Becoming a Mann

When I got married in 2005 I took on a new last name: Mann. I have now given this name to my daughter and will be giving it to our new baby in October. Please understand that if you came to this blog hoping to learn about sex or gender changes, you are in the WRONG place. In fact, this blog is about the exact opposite. Its about a woman learning to be more womanly. Learning to be a better wife and mommy.

My goals

I have a list of several goals that I wish to attain along my journey. At first my blog will be dedicated to sharing my successes and failures as I try to reach these goals. I plan on having new habits formed by the time our second baby arrives in mid-October. At this point, I will probably take a short maternity leave from my blogging but then come back and focus my blogs on ways that I am continuing to improve myself as a wife and mommy. Because there is always room for improvement!

You can expect this blog to give you tips on how to:

  • have a clean and organized home
  • save your family money
  • earn some extra income without leaving your house
  • create unique experiences to love your spouse
  • have fun, learning experiences with your children
  • and many other tips related to either being a wife or a mom


I do not claim to be an expert in any of the areas I will be writing about. Many of my goals I have had for several years without much success at accomplishing. I am sure that I will try new techniques only to find that they did not work. But I’m hoping that I find many more that do.  I am writing this blog in hopes that I will find some accountability partners in my readers. I want to learn from you, just as much as you learn from me.

I am asking you to come with me on my journey to becoming the woman I aspire to be. My hope is that through our successes and failures we will inspire each other to be a better wives and mothers.

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