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Cloth Diapers: Part II

March 31, 2011


These diapers aren’t well-known but they got great reviews at In fact, they are the diaperpin’s #1 rated one-size pocket diaper. And the average cost that reviewer’s paid was $13.08, which is cheaper than the 18-24 dollars that most pocket diapers cost. With such great reviews, and at such a low-cost, I thought I would give them a try.

Overall Adjustability: This category refers to how you make the diaper longer or shorter (from front to back, not side to side). It’s what makes one-size diapers able to adjust as baby grows. Smartipants diapers have 2 rows of snaps with 2 snaps in each row. This is less than almost all the other diapers I have found, which have a total of 6-9 snaps. It works for us right now because Kennedy is in a medium size setting. But when I tried the diaper on Kaylynn on the biggest settings, it seemed very small. I’m afraid that this diaper won’t fit during Toddlerhood for Kennedy.

Adjustable Waist Snaps: There is one row of snaps with 2 snaps coming from each side on the back. Like I said yesterday. Most diapers have 2 rows and 3 or 4 snaps to snap into place on each side. I hope this makes sense, its hard to explain. If you are confused, look at the pictures from today and yesterday and count the snaps. A picture can explain it better than I can. But to conclude, this diaper doesn’t have as many snaps as the others.

Absorbency: They leak. When I put this diaper on Kaylynn, it leaked around the legs. We haven’t had any leaks during the day with Kennedy. I’ve tried them on her twice at night and both times they leaked at the top in both the front and the back. This diaper only comes with one insert (most come with 2), so at night I put in an extra insert from the other diapers and they still leak.

Bulkiness: These diapers are probably the most trim, but that is probably why they leak.

Longevity: It’s hard to tell, because there are no reviews at the diaperpin from anyone that has used them for a year or more. Maybe for good reason. The longest user gave them a 5/5 rating and she has been using them for 10 months. However, she does say that she doesn’t use them at night or ever put two inserts in and that they have a smaller fit (which is a good thing for her baby).

Warranty: From their website, “Snap defects: 24 months; Elastic/ Materials defects: 60 days; Sewing/ Workmanship defects: 60 days.”

Patterns available: This is comparable to Fuzzibunz. 13 colors; no fun prints.

Cleaning: This is what makes these pants smart. Most pocket diapers have one opening in the back of the diaper to place the insert. This diaper has one in the front and one in the back, which allows you to throw the diaper in the wash as is without having to touch the insert. The insert comes out all by itself in the wash.

The directions for care are easy to follow, but there’s not a lot of tips or details on the packaging. When you go to their website, you get a little more information, namely that you should use 1/2 the recommended amount of detergent. By now, you should know why I like this idea. I’ve had a few problems with stains not coming out the first time through the wash, but nothing yet to make a big deal over.

Overall: I’m not a big fan of this diaper. Its special feature is that you never have to touch the dirty insert because it comes out in the wash. However, this hasn’t been a big issue yet with the other diapers. Maybe when Kennedy starts eating more solids or wetting more, I’ll hope for this feature, but right now, it’s not a selling point for me. It fits small, isn’t as soft as the others, and the insert seems too big for the pocket causing it to bunch up in the middle. Because of the lower cost, I might be able to overlook all these flaws, but the diaper also leaks and that is probably the most important aspect of any diaper cloth or not.

Sorry there aren’t any pictures of Kennedy in this diaper. She wore it last night and I was waiting for the other diapers to get dirty to do a load. By the time she got them all dirty and I was able to wash and dry them, she was already in bed (she’s wearing a disposable tonight). There will be pictures of her in tomorrow’s review of the Happy Heiny’s diaper (I’ve already taken them).

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