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Weekly Update: 9 & 10

March 23, 2011

Sorry I didn’t post last week. We went on a mini family vacation. It was a blast and a well-needed time to refresh. Now I’m ready to get back at it!

I’m going to start using a new format for my weekly updates. From now on I’ll have a section for previous goals that I’m “Still Working On,” “New Goals for this week” and “Looking Ahead.” The old goals will keep me accountable; most weeks I don’t make my old goals a priority because I know I won’t have to share with you how I’m doing on them. Not anymore. And I’m hoping that the looking ahead section will keep me motivated and keep you interested in seeing what’s coming up next. So here is a look at weeks 9 & 10 (mainly just 9, since I was gone for 10)

Still working on…

I got laundry,dishes, and a quiet time done almost everyday in week 9. Monday of that week was a great day for me as far as other daily and weekly tasks. However, I didn’t get much accomplished in those areas for the rest of the week.

I’m still really struggling with waking up early. Everyday I seem to have a new excuse. Up late with the baby, went to bed too late, battery died on my phone (aka no alarm), didn’t hear my alarm, or just plain not motivated to get up early. I’ve got a few more tricks up my sleeve to help with this one, but if none of them work then my next move is to plan on sleeping late but getting more work done at night. I’ll keep you guys posted.

On a positive note though, I finished organizing our papers into a folder system and did some more research on potty training, both goals from week 8.

New Goals

Begin tagging for JBF and my own garage sales and sell on Craigslist I got most of my tags typed for my maternity clothes. I was hoping to get farther along on this one by the end of the week, but I did get a great start.

In case you are wondering, JBF stands for Just Between Friends and it is a seasonal children’s consignment sale. I am a consignor, volunteer, and shopper. As a consignor, I set my own prices and make a percentage of what I sell. Because I also volunteer I get 70% (it’s still a whopping 65% if you don’t volunteer). As a volunteer I also get to shop before the public. As a shopper, I get to purchase quality children’s items at amazing prices!

If you are interested in consigning or looking for more information click here for the Springfield area Spring Event. Not in the Springfield area? Click here to find one near you. If you decide to consign at the Springfield JBF, let them know Kandice Mann referred you (I’ll make 75% on my sales if 3 first-time consignors sell 25 items or more).

Research and buy cloth diapers – I got my research done and picked out 5 diapers that I wanted to do a test run with. I’ve received 4 of the 5 diapers in the mail and have started trying them out. A series of posts are coming soon with my reviews and if I can figure it out, a calculator you can use to see how much cloth diapering can save you

Finish studying calculus- I’ve been working on this one for a long time and it’s still not done. Originally we were suppose to be going to Arlington, TX during spring break for a mission trip and I was planning on using the travel time to finish my studying.  Instead we went to St. Louis as a family vacation. Because there wasn’t as much time on the road, I didn’t get this one done. But I’m going to continue working on it.

Create a routine for the girls– I didn’t have this done for week 9, but as of today, it’s completed!

Start blogging more- I wrote an extra post in week 9 and didn’t intend to write any posts while on vacation. So far, so good on this one, but I’ll need to continue writing more posts to consider this accomplished.

Add drinking 8 glasses of water to daily routine- I scheduled this for week 10 because I thought that I would be working outside in Texas for a week. I planned on being thirsty and carrying a water bottle with me all day. But instead we were on vacation and at my in-law’s house. Instead of 8 glasses of water, I probably had 8 glasses of Pepsi a day. Yikes! I’ll try harder this week.

Looking Ahead

I’m creating a way to plan weekly menus and starting Kennedy on solids during week 11. I also plan on doing a blogging series on cloth diapering starting at the beginning of next week. I’ll explain the different types of diapering systems, how much each costs, then review the 5 diapers I’m trying out, and give you any other tips that I’ve learned so far in the cloth diapering process. It should be pretty interesting so be sure to come back and check it out.

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