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Change in plans: Weeks 7 & 8

March 3, 2011

Sorry I didn’t get a post up last week. I was out of town on the day that I normally write my new posts.

During week 7 I was supposed to start adding in a new routine for the girls with unique daily learning  activities. I tried to plan this while I was out of town but I started feeling overwhelmed by how much this would add to my day. I decided that when I got back I was going to evaluate my goals, make some changes, and plan a catch up week. I didn’t realize that week 8 was a scheduled evaluation week anyway. Here are some of the changes I made to my week-by-week plan:

  • I did some reorganizing so that some of the more intense tasks are paired up with easier ones.
  • Instead of having an evaluation week every 4 weeks and a catch up week every 12, both are now every 4 weeks.
  • On tasks that will take longer than a week to complete (but aren’t added permanently to the weekly schedule), I have them listed for each week that I’ll be working on them. Example: to make a good price book, I am going to need to spend more than 1 week on it. So it’s listed for 4 weeks. This helps me to visualize and think about how much I have planned to do for each week.
  • I’ve added 4 more weeks to the schedule. At first I was bummed about this because I really like the even 6 months. But when I remind myself that originally I thought it would take me a year to accomplish all these goals, I’m okay with 7 months.
  • I’ve added 2 new tasks to accomplish: 1.) I want to start blogging more. As I get more done on my lists, I want to be able to give you more details on my goals than just how my week went. So be prepared to see more blog posts throughout the week. 2.) Start using cloth diapers. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while and planned on adding it to my goals for the second half of the year, but I’ve decided to start it earlier. Here is the story on why. This past weekend I went to a friend’s baby shower and she is planning on using cloth diapers. I got jealous. After the shower I was thinking about why I don’t use cloth diapers yet and my reason is that I still haven’t been able to catch up on the laundry. There’s no way I would be able to add cloth diapers to the laundering schedule right now. But… if I could get caught up on the laundry, then it would become a possibility. That evening I was talking to Matt on the phone (he didn’t go with me on this trip) and he told me that he had all the laundry done. Isn’t he wonderful? So now all I have to do is keep up with the laundry for 2 weeks to prove to myself that I can do it, and then we will start using cloth diapers. I’m very excited because there are many benefits. The biggest benefit is that it will save us lots of money. It’s also good for the environment of course and it will help with potty training too (something that we have started earlier than I scheduled).

I think that is all the changes I made but you can check it out yourself to make sure.


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  1. March 3, 2011 7:04 PM

    I can relate to so much of what you are writing about. I too envisioned my home the way you did (About Me section) however, I was fully career oriented that I never really knew how that was going to carry over to “Super-wife-mom-God fearing woman”. God has a genius way of guiding us to do and be the best we were called to do. After my first son was born I had no problem letting go of my career and start focusing on my husband, child and home. However, now with 2 boys, God has showed me that my college degree and my business ownership I had was not in vain. He showed me how better equipped I am to be the CEO of my home. Might not be the case for every woman, but like I said, God has a plan and one thing I know and say often is this, “God picked the best mom to nurture and raise my boys as he picked the most perfect mom to raise your little ones.” I pray you bless so many mommies out there. I too am trying to encourage and bring joy to other mommies out there. God Bless you and your little family.

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