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Week 5

February 13, 2011

I had a GREAT week! Didn’t get everything done on my lists everyday, but its the best week I’ve had since the first week.

Here are the details:

Add 2 tasks from weekly chores list each day- 7 out 10 of these got done for the week. Could have been better, but when some of the tasks haven’t been done in months, it takes a little extra time to get them completed. The whole house got vacuumed this week and now there is so much hair and dust in and on the vacuum that before I run it again, it’s going to have to be cleaned.

Research how to use resources more wisely and put into practice- I mainly looked at cleaning supplies for this one. I found out that I can’t really cut back on my dishwasher detergent because we have hard water. But I did learn that I should be using a different type of detergent to get better results. It’s a little pricier than what we are using now, but if it works better, then in the long run, it should save us a little money.

I probably can cut back on my laundry soap however. I found a great article from the New York Times on the topic (so great in fact, that most of the other articles I found referenced it). The article stated that most people use 10-15 times the amount of soap they actually need and that most people can getaway with using 1/8 to 1/2 of the suggested amount on their detergent’s label. Here is a test from the article to find out if you are using too much detergent:

Take four to six clean bath towels, put them in your front-loading washing machine (one towel for a top loader). Don’t add any detergent or fabric softener. Switch to the hot water setting and medium wash and run it for about five minutes.

Check for soap suds. If you don’t see any suds right away, turn off the machine and see if there is any soapy residue. If you see suds or residue, it is soap coming out of your clothes from the last wash.

I haven’t done the test yet, but I plan on trying it this week. I hope that I find suds, so I can cut back on my detergent and save some money. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Create folders for the more in-depth file system– Still working on this one, but I got a great start. I found a list of categories for the folders here. After I found my list, I went to Staples and purchased some colorful folders to make this seemingly boring project a little more fun. Then I sat down with my list, folder, and my label maker and got to work. I soon discovered that I probably wasn’t going to need to use all the categories on the list for my file system, so I got the basics and started a new approach. I got the paper work that needed filing and made my files as I went (I still used the list as a reference though). I hope to finish this one tomorrow after church.

And the update on waking up earlier- could’ve been better, but not near as bad as last week. Monday was going to be my first day for the coffee run reward, but I didn’t get up at 7 like I was supposed to. I don’t think it was too much later, but it wasn’t early enough. On Wednesday, I woke up at 7 but when I realized there was no way I was getting out of the driveway because of the snow, I went back to bed. Again, I still got up early, just not 7 early. But on Friday, I got my coffee and it was as good as McDonald’s coffee gets.

I want to hear from you…
How is your journey going? Are you accomplishing your goals? Are you becoming a better wife and/or mommy? Tell me what has been a stumbling block for you and what has made a part of your journey successful.

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  1. Andrea permalink
    February 14, 2011 12:13 AM

    My journey has not been going well. I am still making excuses for why I don’t get everything accomplished but, I think the fact that I know I am making excuses is a step in the right direction. Also, there have been outside forces delaying my progress. Starting this week I plan on putting more effort into it, cause I know everyone will benefit if I do. BTW thanks for the motivation.


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