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I’m back!

October 21, 2010

Well its been 5 months since my last post. Why so long, you ask? Well, I felt like I didn’t have much to say beyond “I’m failing at my goals.” Now its mid-October and our new baby Kennedy Jane is almost a month old. I wanted to have reached my goals at this point, so I could really focus on our new bundle of joy. But I got into a “lack of motivation rut,” and I really struggled to get my motivation back.

Why the lack of motivation?

Part of it was due to a change in routine, something I talk a little about in my last post (back in May). I won’t bore you with all the details of how my routine got changed. But this is something that I will have to find a way to overcome if I ever want to be the wife and mommy I dream of being.

The other part of my motivation loss had to do with the pregnancy. This pregnancy was much harder on me than the first. When I was just 6 months along, I was already getting tired very quickly. Just loading the dishwasher wore me out. I also started having more Braxton-Hicks contractions that required me to lay down for an hour or so until they went away. It got to the point where just about anything would bring on these contractions. I knew they were Braxton-Hicks because they went away as soon as I laid down.

But then one day, when I was only 34 weeks along, they didn’t stop. We went to the hospital and I was put on bedrest and given meds that didn’t stop the contractions, but did stop labor from progressing. Obviously, there wasn’t a lot I could do to work on my goals while I was on bedrest.

My wonderful husband had to be in charge of housework, childcare, wife-care, and self-care all while dealing with the stressors that came with starting 2 new jobs. We also had plenty of help from friends and family during this time. It was tough to ask for help doing the dishes or sweeping the floor, but I sucked it up and let others clean my everyday messes. But I felt guilty and ashamed to ask for help cleaning things that weren’t everyday but desperately needed to be done (like cleaning my shower curtain that should probably condemned because it is so disgusting). I know that everyone reading this that helped is thinking “YOU SHOULD HAVE ASKED!” especially my Mom and Mother-in-Law who both specifically asked for tasks like these.

Kennedy Jane

Well, we made it through those last few weeks of pregnancy and now have a wonderful baby. Kennedy Jane was born at 37 1/2 weeks on September 23. She weighed 9 pounds 10 ounces (I like to mention that I pushed out this big girl in only 20 minutes) and she was 19 3/4 inches long. She got stuck on the way out and was born with shoulder dystocia (a hurt shoulder). This stressor made it hard for her to breathe on her own during her first minutes of life and so she spent her first 4 days in the NICU.

I have actually been quite surprised by how easy she has been. I was really worried about how I would handle a newborn and a toddler and expected it to be months before I felt any sense of normalcy and routine in  my house. While things have been a little rough, it isn’t near as bad as it could be or thought it would be (knock on wood).

And now that I’m not pregnant anymore, I have so much more energy (despite night feedings) and have some motivation back. I’m ready to try again.


My New Plan

1. I recently found a website where you can download a chore planner for the rest of the year for only $2. What I like about it so far is that it has all the cleaning tasks organized so that your house gets clean but you don’t feel overwhelmed trying to do everything in one day. It also has other tasks that will help me accomplish some of my other goals, like daily quiet times, cooking meals, reading to the children, organizing coupons, and preparing for the holidays. I figure for 2 bucks its worth a try. And if it works, the 2011 planners are only $8.

2. You may remember that I came up with a “Get Motivated Routine” that included putting on an apron and reciting my Housekeeping Mission Statement. (You can read about it here if you forgot or are new to my blog.) This really helped me get into the mindset that I was starting my day and helped keep me going, so I am going to begin this routine again. And…

3. I will continue to blog. All 10 of my loyal readers gave me encouragement at some point during my 5 month hiatus and this accountability is part of the reason I’m able to begin again. Thanks readers!

6 Comments leave one →
  1. mom permalink
    October 21, 2010 9:11 PM

    Great to have you back! And had I known( looked) I would have washed it or had someone love ya

  2. Mother in law permalink
    October 22, 2010 10:47 AM

    glad to be able to be a part of your life! and the same thing your Mom said!!

  3. October 22, 2010 11:55 AM

    yeah! the blog starts again! I have a hard time writing something everyday on mine, but i try at least once a week and post something a few times, even if its just a pcture or a song.

    I have like 20 people who read, why that many people care, I dont know :P


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