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Get Motivated Routine

May 5, 2010

Goal #1: so far, so good. While, I almost forgot a few nights to have my quiet time, I have managed to keep this part of my goal. With time it will become habit again. Thanks for all your encouragement!

Goal #2: I haven’t really started yet, but I have a plan. I made an hour-by-hour schedule for each day of the week that includes meals, family/ baby-time, and time to work on cleaning and organizing. The cleaning and organizing seems to take up a lot of my schedule right now (up to 6 hours a day), but once I get my house in order, it will be easier to maintain and not so time-consuming. I am also aware that while I might have a 2-hour block scheduled for cleaning, Kaylynn could need half of that and she of course is the priority.

One of my biggest struggles in cleaning the house is just getting started. To overcome this obstacle, I have created a routine that will hopefully help me change my mindset and motivate me to start my day in a manner I feel good about. I have created a Housekeeping Mission Statement that I will silently recite each morning as I put on a “cleaning apron.”

As I was searching for tips on cleaning and organizing, I came across this blog which includes a Housekeeping Mission Statement. I was intrigued, so I did a google search to see if anyone else had created a mission statement for cleaning their house. I hit the jackpot when I found this blog which not only includes the author’s mission statement but also that of several others who left comments on her page. My Housekeeping Mission Statement is inspired by the ones I read:

I want to provide a relaxing sanctuary for my family and all that enter; a place where family & friends feel comfortable to share together their laughter and their tears. My desire is for a home that is clean and organized, so that I do not cringe at the sound of an unexpected guest knocking at the door.

I will make strides everyday to achieve this by practicing good daily habits and routines, and thus setting an example for my children. I will graciously and cheerfully serve my family and genuinely enjoy my commitment to creating a home sanctuary that is above all else pleasing to God.

The apron is the second part of my “get motivated routine.” It will act as a physical reminder throughout the day of my goals and the importance in achieving a clean home. Currently the apron is a solid color and very boring. But I plan on using it as a type of reward system as I complete certain steps towards the goal of a clean home. For each room that reaches the status of clean, I will add a new decoration to my apron. At the end I will have an apron adorned with badges representing the hard work I have done on my journey to becoming a better wife and mommy.

My challenge for you is to write your own “Housekeeping Mission Statement,” then leave it as a comment so we can all be inspired. While you do that I will be taking the before pictures of my living room. I will post them on my next blog so you can see the progress I am making as I go along.


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